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John Broons (the Family Business Guy) offers one on one coaching for CEOs and family business executives, business advisory services, facilitation and succession planning services.

Invest in your own skills at the online Center For Families in Business and complete John’s Family Business Program.

As a Family Business Advisor, I help you and your family work and play better as individuals as a team and as a family.

Understanding your goals and aspirations, and gaining alignment with those around you, provides a powerful platform for your own development and that of your family and your business.

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Build your own family business succession plan NOW!

If you are in business with members of your family, and growing your business and succession is on your mind, then come along to learn about the systems you are working in and build your own personal/family/business plan.

Every family is unique, just as every business is unique and, of course, every person is unique. This makes it so much more difficult to resolve any issue or challenge that arises.

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What People Say

John has the capacity to help me attain amazing clarity when assisting me work through business issues. He does this without the need to offer short term silver bullet solutions or become prescriptive. It results in a better long term outcome.
David Egerton-Warburton, Managing Director, Agrimaster
John currently facilitates two Family Business Australia Forum Groups. His expert skills as a facilitator, coupled with his knowledge and understand of issues affecting family businesses have added a great deal of value to the support and services we offer our members. John conducts himself with calm professionalism, is always positive and supportive, and maintains a high level of confidentiality. Top qualities: Personable, expert and high integrity
Lorraine Willis, Family Business Australia
Advising a family business on succession planning can be a delicate business. The one shoe fits all formula had not worked for us on two previous occasions. Previous attempts using a fixed format with little regard for existing systems left us with massive duplication and not being able to deal with the original request. John had the ability to listen to what was required and then provide the format, facilitation skills and outside perspective needed to bring our project to a conclusion. Thank you John.
Peter Hondema, Managing Director, Hycon Hydraulic Systems
Brilliant but simple presentation on the benefits of forward planning to avoid disaster. Essential for people in business to begin the conversations with family and business partners.
Antony Vidray, Partner, Anderson Vidray
“Working with John Broons has been rewarding not only for me but our mutual client. John understood the needs of the client, his family and their family business. Working with all generations in this family business, and across multiple levels of authority, he collaboratively involved the services of accountants, lawyers and other financial disciplines. John has become the client’s true trusted family adviser.”
Mauri Mucciacciaro, Partner, Grant Thornton Australia
“John helped me recognize my ability, and encouraged me through some difficult situations. He facilitated the necessary steps towards my success and stretched me beyond my comfort level, providing feedback in ways that challenged and supported my development. I found John a trusted guide with whom to share all my hopes and aspirations, while adopting the role of a mentor. John has a library of knowledge and is a persistent motivator. Always an educator.”
David Hepburn, Managing Director, K-One Fluid Power
“John has an incredible understanding of families in business – what makes families tick, and what sometimes drives them apart. John recently did a fantastic presentation to the Family Business Australia Advisers Network on Genograms. He showed a simple and powerful way of presenting family relationships both current and historical on one sheet of paper. It is an amazing way of easily seeing the complexity of the family and how it fits together. It highlights where the issues are and where they have arisen, and opens up a possibility for conversations that have probably never been aired. Thanks John.”
Jayne Griffiths, Managing Director, My HR Adviser


Summary profiles for clients of John Broons Advisory.


Heavy Engineering

Primary Markets

Turnover: $15-20M

Family business advisory


Financial Services

Primary Markets
Australia, Asia Pacific, Europe

Turnover: $20-$50M

CEO coaching



Engineering (Not for Profit)

Primary Markets

Turnover: $1B+

CEO coaching

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Familes in business face a unique set of issues

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Family Business Australia

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