Hi… I’m John Broons and I’m here to help you create a thriving family business.

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My Manifesto

"Family Business"

What do you think of when I say this?

Do you think of harmony and success?
Or complications and heartache?

Perhaps you think it’s somewhere in between?

Most people expect the latter;

Tough conversations
And disconnection
Just to name a few

Today, to be in business we study
Leadership, accounting, law, economics

But we don’t study the complexities of being a family member
Within a family business

Business can be tough
We’re all operating in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments
Being in business with your family adds an additional layer

Some would say the stakes are higher

The impact of failure, greater
For the most part, people avoid this layer

For fear it won’t work
To save their family relationships
Or to avoid the potential impact

I’m here to tell you it can work

In fact, it can be marvellous and rewarding
With the right education, clarity and conversations

Families in business together can thrive

It all started with a simple premise...

Running a family business

Involves so many moving parts, and every single part requires your attention. Especially the family part.

But that’s the part that’s missing from the MBAs, the masterminds and the networking groups. And all the traditional business consultants and professional services in the world won’t be able to out-strategise hidden hostilities, unspoken fears, or conflicting loyalties.

No one really talks about balancing the complex intersection of business and family dynamics, let alone dedicate their career to giving you the tools and guidance to navigate this delicate terrain.

The good news is that this is exactly what I do.

I help families and the enterprises they’ve built. To implement structures. Strengthen relationships. Develop comprehensive strategies. Make better decisions as a collective. Plan for the future.

Why this stuff?

Because it’s this stuff that means you won’t ever have to settle for unacceptable trade-offs. You won’t have to choose between pursuing profit and keeping your family connected. Between love and money. Between creating a legacy and human understanding.

I know how to help you lay the foundations for a successful family business that doesn’t require you to sacrifice your family in the process.

If you haven’t yet achieved a connected and thriving business, we can change that.

You won't have to choose between pursuing profit and keeping your family connected.

I believe........


We must prepare tomorrow’s leaders for the complex and rewarding job of guiding a family enterprise, while honouring the values, principles, and purpose that the business was originally founded on.


A thriving family and business is entirely possible. Not just for the lucky few, but for everyone.


Failing to plan is a risky business strategy. Planning - with input from every party - is the only way to move forward with deliberate action.


Knocking down walls can be hard for families to do alone, especially if they can't see them or don't know what's really behind them.


Conflict is inevitable but it doesn't always have to be destructive. The energy and passion that drives it can be redirected for good.


Education is missing from the family business sector. If everyone understood their choices, and was invited to participate in planning, decision-making wouldn't be something to fear.

John Broons - Family Business Advisor
John Broons - Family Business Advisor (52)

Why Trust Me In Your Business?

John Broons family business consultant

The Executive Connection’s (TEC) Gold Award 2012 – 2023

Family business awards

Founder of Family Business Australia (FBA) in Victoria and former FBA board member 

Family business advisor

Advanced Certificate of Family Business Advising

Family Business Award consultant

Winner, 2019/2020 National FBA Advisor of the Year

John Broons family business consultant

Family Business United Hall of Fame Inductee

Family business FFI Fellow

Fellow of Family Firm Institute (Boston, USA). One of only three people in Australia to hold this title 

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