Making your Family Business Work Better

In this interview, Michael Worthington from Business Radio 101 talks with John Broons about ways to make your family business work better for you. Transcript Michael John, I get a lot of people that are families in business, and I think one of the biggest questions that I see come up consistently is how come some families in business just seem [...]

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Join me as I chat to Michael Worthington on 101 Business Radio about my work consulting with Families in Business. A great conversation.

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What’s your origin story? Family Business Discussions

  It’s human nature. We forget things. And the longer a family business is around, the more likely it is, that subsequent generations lose track of ‘why’ it all started. So my question is, do you know your ‘why’? The values held by your founding family members, are a vital part of your business’s history and culture. Therefore, those same values need [...]

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Who Really Owns the Business? Family Business Discussions

Simplistically, a business is owned by its shareholders. For a Family Business, it could be Mum and Dad who own it, or whoever it’s been transitioned through to, within the family. So who are the shareholders who own a ‘stake’ in your family business? There’s many – those people who have ‘financial’ shares, as well as those who have ‘emotional’ shares in [...]

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Plan for a Great Year: Family Business Discussions

Whether it’s keeping your opinions to yourself, working more (or less) or simply getting closer to those you love, the days are approaching when many people set their new year’s resolutions. So perhaps it’s time to think about what you’d like to do differently next year… New year’s resolutions have centuries of history – going back to the Babylonian and Roman times [...]

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The Family Business Side of Christmas: Family Business Discussions

Christmas is a family time. So it’s the perfect chance to build (and repair) your family relationships. Take the opportunity to spend time with each other – especially with your extended family – share stories, make memories and enjoy your time together. That said, the temptation to ‘talk shop’ is huge, but it’s best left for another time. And place. So how [...]

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Planning Holiday Breaks: Family Business Discussions

It’s always good to have a plan. Especially when it comes to holidays – even if it never happens! Why is that? Because it opens an opportunity for everyone to discuss ‘taking holiday breaks,’ which can be a very contentious issue amongst family members. Sadly, discussions around what should be a ‘let’s pitch in help one another’ time, can often unearth more [...]

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