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John Broons

John Broons is a globally awarded family business expert. One of only three people in Australia to hold the coveted title of Fellow of Family Firm Institute (Boston, USA), John has dedicated his working career to answering the question: how do I guide and support families in business to a place where they’re thriving?

Working with a family business advisor

3 key attributes to consider when choosing a family business advisor

We all know that running a family business comes with its own set of unique challenges. From succession planning to dealing with nepotism, underperformance, and communication issues, there’s never a dull moment. That’s why choosing the right advisor is crucial to navigating these complexities and ensuring the success of your family business for generations to come. What are three key attributes you should consider when evaluating potential advisors?

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Family business advisor speaking to family business members

Understanding the benefits of a family business advisor

As a family business owner or member, you may find yourself wondering about the benefits of having a family business advisor. You may ask yourself why your family needs an advisor to “manage the family”. In this article I explore this topic and shed some light on why a family business advisor can be critical to your family business success.

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What is the role of a family business advisor

What is the role of a family business advisor?

The role of a family business advisor can be an invaluable ally in the journey of a family-owned business. As a dedicated guide and confidant, a family business advisor understands the unique dynamics and challenges that come with running a business alongside your loved ones.

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