I’m guessing you’re here looking for a family business advisor because…


You’re experiencing more conflict than alignment


You have some difficult conversations ahead 


You need some foundations to protect your business


You want some direction and a clear plan for the future


Your family is your biggest asset and you want to protect it

And you're thinking...

"There's got to be a way to keep my family connected and the business thriving"

You're right. There is...

Balancing the overlapping dimensions of being an entrepreneurial family, the responsibilities of running a business and the complexities that exist within the family dynamic mean you face a wide range of unique challenges and demands.

With deep expertise in the challenges of today, the opportunities of the future and the issues that derail both, I find the problem, create solutions, and get it done for you – and with you – all the way.

Small and large, sensitive and straightforward, simple and complex; problems come in many shapes and sizes. I bring many perspectives along with a way of working with you to deliver the best outcome for your family and your business.

I find the problem, create solutions, and get it done for you - and with you - all the way.

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The Thriving Family Business Model

Mine is a unique perspective on family businesses; I believe that their success starts and ends with the family itself. That’s why people are at the core of my proprietary consulting methodology, Thriving Family Business. It’s a flexible framework that adapts, evolves and responds to your business needs while keeping the family at the centre.

Some of the matters I can support you with

What to do about your family and business having seemingly incompatible goals? Parallel planning. My approach is to plan for both the business and family together, with an understanding of how they are interrelated. With insightful questioning and a consultative approach, everyone is encouraged to collectively shape the strategic vision, plan for future needs, and prepare for implementation.

It can be challenging to think clearly and make smart decisions in stressful, emotional and deeply personal situations. I can help you work through disagreements and difficult conversations, and support you through the process of resolving conflict, finding solutions and maintaining respectful relationships. 

You already know that the process of transitioning from one family leader to the next relies on planning and setting a foundation for protecting the family’s legacy as the torch passes to the next generation. Together, we will design a comprehensive plan for the smooth transition of leadership, ownership, governance and family assets. I can also help you navigate the transition itself.

I assist family businesses with the development,
evaluation and implementation of governance
structures and processes, which help strengthen communication, accountability and decision-making within families. 

John Broons - Family Business Advisor

Considering working with a family business advisor might bring up some big questions, like...

Let me put all those doubts to rest


The best family businesses deal with issues transparently, sensitively, and intentionally. My Thriving Family Business methodology is the fundamental framework that powers these discussions and decisions.

No Power Struggles

The great thing about a neutral intermediary is that there are no complex loyalties at play, no unspoken frustrations, and no hidden power struggles. Which means, I can have bold conversations, make space for every voice, and negotiate tricky issues without the weight of family history.

Future Proof

You don't need to be in crisis mode to work with me. Future-poofing your business and agreeing on rules before they're needed is part of responsible business stewardship. And it protects your family by bringing up difficult matters before the stakes are high and emotions are even higher.

Build Trust

As an accredited advisor, I typically work with families over a 6 - 12 month period. That allows us time to create a “safe to succeed” environment that builds trust while we develop solutions that balance the best interests of your family with commercial outcomes.

Family First

My work is rooted in the belief that solutions must belong to the family. This means that my approach is consultative and my recommendations are never prescriptive. All decisions are ultimately for the leadership team to make.

Feel Heard

Using a family lens, I operate in a supportive and collaborative role. Everyone will feel seen and heard in the process. People frequently tell me it is the first time they have had an opportunity to candidly voice their concerns and goals.

I proudly work with...

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A connected and thriving family business is only one click away.