Christmas is a family time. So it’s the perfect chance to build (and repair) your family relationships. Take the opportunity to spend time with each other – especially with your extended family – share stories, make memories and enjoy your time together. That said, the temptation to ‘talk shop’ is huge, but it’s best left for another time. And place.

So how do you keep Christmas focused on family, not on business, when the two are so entwined? Before it starts, everyone agrees on some rules. That doesn’t mean mean-spirited strictness, no. It should be more like guidelines around what can (and can’t) be talked about and a general agreement to put issues aside if they do accidentally arise (especially after plum pudding and few quiet ales in the sunshine).

When rules have been agreed, it’s easier to put aside anything that arises – especially if you’ve also prearranged another time and place for ‘all things business’ to be discussed, listened to and opinions shared. Oftentimes the older generations have important stories to share (that come bubbling out at such times) which are not only great learning experiences, but they also help to build a stronger family culture within the business.

This Christmas, be thankful you have family that likes to get together. And spend your time wisely.