If there’s stuff you’ve not talked about, or ghosts from the past that haunt you, you really do need to talk it through… with your family.

So when was it? When did you last really have a conversation about things, or talked about the things jumping around in your head? Was it yesterday? Last week? A month? Years ago…?

Yes, there’s always excuses and reasons why you don’t get time, or it’s not the right opportunity, or you can’t work out how to say it. But if the conversation is important enough, then it needs to be said.

Perhaps another solution would be to get an external, third party involved – so that there’s an objective ‘body’ to participate and mediate? Or perhaps you just need to put the time aside and meet in neutral surroundings, so no-one has territorial rights to the situation?
Holding things back may start out as pebble in your shoe, but over time it grows into a rock… and a hill… and then a mountain that’s too big to shift. Don’t let that happen to you. Or your family.