Whether it’s keeping your opinions to yourself, working more (or less) or simply getting closer to those you love, the days are approaching when many people set their new year’s resolutions. So perhaps it’s time to think about what you’d like to do differently next year…

New year’s resolutions have centuries of history – going back to the Babylonian and Roman times – so there’s a lot of broken promises behind us! Perhaps this year, ask yourself:

‘If there was no pressure from anyone else, what would I, personally, like to change?’

Why? Because studies have shown that you’re more likely to succeed in changing your behaviour when you’re motivated by internal, rather than external forces. Once you’ve thought that through:

1. Set some personal goals
2. Set some family goals
3. Set some business goals
4. Do a vision board
5. Think about the things you want to do more, and less, of

1. Write down your ideas
2. Tell somebody, to hold you accountable


Don’t stop dreaming