Addressing differences and dealing with them head-on

Whenever people work together, it’s likely differences of opinion will emerge.

In my experience, the way you deal with those differences says a lot about your business.

Believe it or not, the most common way is to place issues in the too hard basket, and allow them to fester.

The right way however, is to address those differences and deal with them head on…which is where my skill as a facilitator can help.

You see, one of the main reasons issues grow in magnitude in a business is that no-one wants to get involved – because it is generally easier not to.

Because I’m not influenced by existing dynamics however, I ask questions no-one wants to ask, call a situation as I see it, and take appropriate steps to rectify matters. In essence, I help take the emotion out of the situation.

And the best part of my facilitation service is the clean-up operation…

Because I’m the person who brought the issues to the surface, I’m also the one who people throw the blame to, and who takes the problem with him when he leaves…

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