Conference keynotes that engage and provoke discussion about the unique issues faced by families in business.

Conference workshops that energize people in business and help them prepare for the worst of worst case scenarios.

Workshop: If you were hit by a bus …

Planning for the future in your business

A half day workshop delivering the skills for essential conversations with family, friends, colleagues and business partners in order to prepare for a crisis in your business.

This is a risk management assessment of your readiness to act.

Guided through case studies, you’ll learn how to plan for crises ‘that are never going to happen to you’.

You will gain a greater understanding of:

  • Personal and business issues
  • What you need to think about and discuss with loved ones (and why)
  • Who you need to talk to (and why)

Leave this workshop with a personalised crisis management plan and a copy of the book, ‘If You Were Hit By A Bus… 27 Questions Most People In Business Can’t Answer’.

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