A seasoned global speaker

A globally awarded family business expert, John has been sharing his knowledge and experience with audiences for decades.

From keynote presentations, workshops and virtual events, John is a sought after speaker across all aspects of family business.

Audience members find John to be an outstanding speaker, weaving personal and business anecdotes into his presentations to create engaging storytelling. He imparts key messages that are thought provoking and provides attendees with actionable takeaways.

An internationally recognised expert

Family businesses are not a niche sector, they account for approximately 70% of all businesses in Australia and employ over half of the country’s workforce.

Globally, the largest 500 family businesses collectively generate US$8.02 trillion in revenue and employ 24.5 million people worldwide. These family businesses are growing at nearly twice the rate of advanced economies.

John creates thriving and connected family businesses. He consults and presents to family businesses, the people within them, and the professionals who support them.


Why book John?

John has several keynote speaking topics for families in business and those who work with families in business.

He is a master at running workshops and presents both in person and virtually.

John also delivers custom content based on a client’s requirements; please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements should the outlines below not meet your needs.

Popular keynotes

Why do some family businesses thrive, and why do others fail?


Who it's for - any family in business

Family Business Dynamics

Why do some family businesses thrive, and why do others fail? In this keynote, John Broons takes an in-depth look at the dynamics you need to get right in a family business to ensure it thrives.

Touching on everything from governance to the importance of having a family charter, John will step you through three critical ingredients to create wonderful family dynamics in a family business.


Who it's for - any family in business

Creating Thriving Family Businesses

We’ve all heard the horror stories of when it goes wrong with families in business, but there are many success stories too. How do you create a thriving family business, one where all family members want to sit around the dinner table together on holiday?

In this keynote, John Broons reflects on his family business journey and the five steps he takes families to ensure they thrive.

...but there are many success stories too.

Succession planning can often be a difficult conversation for families in business


Who it's for - any family in business

Simplifying Succession Planning

Successful family businesses have a succession plan, which everyone in the family knows about and has agreed to. Getting to this point, however, is easier said than done. Succession planning can often be a difficult conversation for families in business. It’s often fraught with emotion and misunderstanding. So how do you create a succession plan that everyone is aligned to? Furthermore, how do you ensure the family in business stays connected throughout the process?

In this keynote, John Broons will cover the top 5 things that every family in business needs to know when creating a successful succession plan.


Who it's for - anyone working with families in business

Building Solid Relationships with Family Business Clients

If you’re working in professional services within Australia, you’re likely working with families in business. You might be dealing with clients who don’t have a clear and transparent succession plan, or you know that their current family dynamic is holding them back from achieving success.

In this keynote, John Broons talks about the top three questions you need to ask to build solid relationships with families in business.

Build solid relationships with families in business

What people say about John

John is a confident and articulate speaker, weaving personal and business stories into his presentations to engage meaningfully with his audience and share his wisdom. I would recommend him to any audience that wants to better understand how to create thriving family businesses. Steven Boyce Principal Wealth Adviser, Capital Partners

John Broons did a fantastic job tailoring his presentation on the dynamics of family business to the needs and situation of my group. Not only was the content extraordinarily useful and thought provoking to my members who run family businesses but it was enlightening and equally useful to those who interact with family businesses as clients or suppliers. With his deep knowledge and experience in this field, John was able to modify the presentation on the spot to accommodate issues and questions raised by the participants. I would highly recommend John to anyone who engages with family businesses.  Ron Tomlian Chair, The Executive Connection

John has significant experience in, and a real passion for family businesses.  His insights are easy to understand, delivered with humour, and make a real difference. Attendees remember John’s key points years later. That is because they resonate with the attendees and are delivered in a unique manner. I have seen John a number of times over the years and always get something new from him. Jerry Kleeman CEO & Director, Kleeman International

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