Let’s not kid ourselves. There are rules everywhere. Do this, don’t do that. Be this, don’t be that. Or say this, but don’t say that! And then there’s the implied rules, the ones that aren’t written down anywhere, but we’re still meant to know them… somehow?! All of them – big, small and tiny – rule the way we act and react, every day.

Thinking about it, on any one day of your family life, you probably clean the kitchen, wash and put away clothes, make the bed and pay the bills. But it isn’t a great way to exist, when so many of those tasks are done on ‘auto pilot,’ without thought or question.

No. You need to stop.

Take stock.

Look at your beliefs and acknowledge the rules and activities that affect you.

Then (and only then) can you genuinely discuss whether or not those rules apply to you and your family.

Two great discussion topics for any family (but especially families-in-business) are:

‘Who does what?’ and ‘Why do we do what we do?’

Discussing those things, can lead to a greater understanding about your family values and help to crystallize what family culture really means to you.